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2009-Dec-8 - lesbian rape trailer

Self bondage Tit torture

Little breast bondage story: I like it when I have no control over what's happening to me. I sounds strange, but when I'm tied down, I feel free. She seemed like she really wanted to talk about this. No, not really. He thinks it's weird, too strange. He's never tried it, and probably never will. I bought them myself, when another man and I were involved. She wasn't mad or angry. I picked up the handcuffs and studied them. Good quality, double locks, re-enforced steel. ..

Sierra is the new girl at school who gets picked on by class bullies Sonya and Lena. After much abuse, she proves to her fellow students that she has the high pain tolerance and submissive attitude to hang with the cool students. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tit torture

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.


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2009-Dec-6 - Tracey Hilton, bondage lover, is most comfortable when tied.

Sexual torture Rope bondage

A piece of breast bondage story: Robert goes to the dresser by the bed, and returns with another broad band of soft purple silk, like the ones that bind my wrists and ankles. The removal of vision heightens my other senses. I become aware of the smell of Robert and the smell of me. I am not disappointed. He strokes my face with his fingers, and his touch is firmer now, more demanding, more satisfying. Holding my head firmly, he kisses me on the lips, deeply this time; no more fleeting touches, this time his kiss is filled with passion, and I meet it with my own. ..

The minute I started tying Crysta, I could tell it was going to be a good shoot. Bondage zones her out very quickly and throughout the shoot she would make noises of appreciation.

Rope bondage

Sexy slaves/women are bound and brought to orgasm


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2009-Dec-6 - Dana DeArmond and JP have a two girl session

Bondage and discipline Bdsm toys

A piece of breast bondage story: He reached out and ripped my blouse down the front, he jerked my arms out, I tried to cover up but Jan twisted my arm until I gagged. I was held there, up on the table with just my bra on. I never in my worst dreams imagined this could ever happen. It had a diamond pendant. It was sold for $5. It was ripped off my neck, the chain breaking at the clasp, and ripping my neck. It went for a few dollars. ..

Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue BondageTrials as a new site. We were worried about models trying too hard to win their trial, and not using their safe word as a result. We are presenting our initial shoots here on hogtied as BONUS (EXTRA) updates. Jackie Moore battles Audrey in this trial. Bondage, and ideas by Sgt. Major.

Bdsm toys

Her shaved pussy and her nipples will betray her true desire

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2009-Dec-6 - lesbian rape prison

Bdsm torture Gay torture

A piece of breast bondage story: I LOVE average. She is outgoing to a point, and ferociously devoted to, and protective of her children. Our conversations mostly centered around kids and family life, until one day I mentioned that my oldest child did not go in for the spankings at her birthday anymore. We often left the school at different times and walked back separately, as she walks slower than I, and I usually hate to keep a slower pace when I have somewhere to go, like back home to check on my BBS messages. ..

Audrey gets home from a long day at work to find the kitchen a mess and her roomate Sasha sitting around drinking beer and watching TV. She is forced to scrub the floor and then dragged outside for some pleasantly painful whipping and fucking. Part two "Sasha's Revenge" will be posted on Tuesday.

Gay torture

Sexy S&M strap-on action

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2009-Dec-5 - lesbian date rape

Secretary bondage Little girl bondage

Sample of breast bondage story: To get out from under Jason's thumbs without my family knowing I'd been gambling again; I'd do a lot for that. you may go in now, Miss Slatter. I walked through, and she closed the door behind me. Welcome, Miss Slatter, or may I call you Lynn? The voice was soft, smooth, and very deep. I turned to where I thought the voice was and gasped. Devastatingly handsome and young; not at all the kind of man I had expected. ..

Barbara Summers is a beautiful, busty girl from Czech Republic. Clothed in a latex restraint, She is at the mercy of Mistress Isis. These two perform a very erotic scene which includes flogging, squirting, face smothering and strap-on sex in bondage.

Little girl bondage

WhippedAss: Real S&M. Pictures and videos of female domination, bondage, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

Vulgar, shocking, but mostly hot XXX action!

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2009-Dec-2 - Lena Remonis fucked by some intruder then hung up to dry.

Belt spanking Penis torture

A piece of breast bondage story: While she went thru her little ritual, I happened to notice an old razor strap for sale. She immediately reacted, and came over to the table. Very nonchalant. We chatted briefly about antiques. She looked 23, except for those eyes and that smile. I suggested we have lunch after looking around a bit. But I couldn't keep my eyes off those buns, and although she pretended not to notice the glances I stole while she looked at antiques, I knew she knew. ..

Sinnamon Love is totally into bondage. She describes how bondage alone can sometimes make her orgasm. Sinnamon drifted in and out of subspace throughout this shoot. She was the first to try our smallest cage, and the first to try a punishment block we are working on - the design of which was sent to us by a loyal member from India - Mehandren.

Penis torture

Tight, inescapable bondage, (a slave"s dream)

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2009-Nov-30 - handcuff lesbian rape

Leather bondage Bondage fairies

It must have seemed like fifteen hours to Nicole. I arranged the conference table in the next room to be ready for her. I had not brought nipple clips so I took two paper clips from a desk and left them there as well. She was breathing heavily. I moved up behind her and reached around to attach a blindfold over her eyes. I then turned her around and took a step back. Clasp your hands behind your head, I told her again. ..

21 year old Aaralyn Barra enjoys SM in her personal life and admits to having a high pain tolerance. She is dominated by Kyla Paige who has a stern yet sensual approach. Great interaction from two sexy girls with lots of bondage and sex!

Bondage fairies

Kinky Female powerplay


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2009-Nov-29 - lesbian group rape story

Bondage and discipline Testicle torture

Some breast bondage story: With her feet off the floor and her arms pinned she couldn't struggle effectively. At least let me log off, she asked, ever the perfectionist. It's an inquiry, it'll time out, I said, as I carried her, struggling and cursing and kicking w/o effect, out of her office and then out a side exit of the lab, carrying her down the back steps, and out a little used exit, beside which I had parked a rented van. ..

Melissa Lauren was not completely satisfied with her last shoot, so she returned demanding to be dominated harder. Harmony was more than happy to punish and fuck this craving painslut. Featuring spanking, leather paddle punishment, Ass licking, flogging, footworship with deep throat and double vibrator orgasms, harmony squirts, tight rope bondage with vaginal and anal strap-on sex.

Testicle torture

Genuine power play


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2009-Nov-29 - lesbian forced sex

Testicle torture Sexual bondage education

A piece of breast bondage story: He passed a hand between her legs. The slut was excited, in spite of herself. He didn't want the whip that wet. She was being punished. He held the grip at the right side of her face, with the end pointing toward her, just far enough away so that she could turn her head and reach the end of the knob with her outstretched tongue. As she leaned, the clamp on her left nipple tightened, and her breast was pulled and stretched even more. ..

Sara Stone is dominated for the first time by Cherokee. Her big natural breasts are slapped and her ass is spanked until red. Also featuring facesitting and strap-on sex with bondage.

Sexual bondage education

Sexy/beautiful women submit

Get inside to view real porn frenzied action! Absolutely unmatched videos and images of crystal quality!

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2009-Nov-26 - Real BDSM scene done with Maya

Private spankings Gay bondage

Some breast bondage story: We had to completely undress and kneel on the edge of the bed with our head down on a pillow while an explanation was given of why we were being punished. But this was different, I was very excited by the thought that Mom, Dad, and Bobby could see my pussy so plainly. I would usually come on the second or third lick, but by half a dozen I was screaming and crying. We had to stand in the corner, still nude, for an hour or so after the spanking. ..

What did we do to Sasha Sparks his time? We fucked her. We fucked her with one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, big dildos, even bigger dildos, and machines. She came and came, then came some more, She begged for it to stop, and in the end could barely walk off the set. Oh yea, and it was fun shaving off her pussy hair to boot. The smile on her face afterwards.....HUGE!

Gay bondage

Their helpless bodies are flogged and their shaved pussies fingered

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2009-Nov-23 - lesbian rape in cartoon

Women in bondage Sex torture

Sample of breast bondage story: Only then would he release me from my bondage. Each time I thought we had tried everything, Charlie would come up with an idea that was just a little different, a little wilder than the last one. On my days off when Charlie didn't tie me up before he left for work, I was expected to surprise him with a special welcome when he returned home. He would become rock hard at the first sight of me, drop his briefcase, and carry me into the bedroom. ..

Kitti Vicious is humiliated and punished in her jail cell by Matron Kym Wilde.

Sex torture

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped

Get inside to view real porn frenzied action! Absolutely unmatched videos and images of crystal quality!

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2009-Nov-23 - lesbian rape picks

Pussy torture Ball torture

A piece of breast bondage story: Well, they had seen it happen before their eyes, perhaps as a logical extension of this tramp being punished in Emily's particular way, and who would say that she was wrong? Certainly none of them would. I know that Doris had me bobbing and weaving, crying and begging for forgiveness for a crime that I did not commit, and if these ladies in the audience had been a jury, I am sure that this sentence given me would have been even more extreme. ..

Trinity is a tough cookie and extremely flexible. She is put in hard, uncomfortable bondage and dominated by Aiden Starr. She is forced to orgasm with a metal hook in her pussy. Then, Trinity pleases Aiden by licking her ass while partially suspended. She takes a big strap-on cock in her ass for two positions and cums so hard it squeezes the cock out of her ass.

Ball torture

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped


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2009-Nov-23 - The weekend goes on, as the five bondage-loving friends struggle.

Witch torture Torture methods

Little breast bondage story: I quickly fastened a cuff to either of her ankles, and attached a rope to the right one. Then I undid the zipper on her jeans and swept her left foot off of the box. I then placed her foot back on the box. Then the jeans could be taken off completely. I pulled Beth's tank top up to expose her large breasts. Her nipples are dark brown, and are easily the size of champagne corks when they are erect, with areoles two inches in diameter. ..

Why is Seven now Petal Benson? Why does the "house" hurt more than others she has sat on? Why is she squirming so loudly? How does she balance like that from just her breasts? Can rubber bands really make a girl helpless? And what is it with Matt and breast bondage? Come find out.

Torture methods

Her shaved pussy and her nipples will betray her true desire


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2009-Nov-16 - young lesbian rape stories

Bdsm comics Gay bondage

They now have fourteen stunning girls, from ages twelve to thirty, who will make the Fuehrer perfect, willing sex slaves. Why is he telling me all this, she thought, her fidgeting growing as her sex and her breasts began to react to the oil. The sensations were not yet quite unbearable, but they were close, and although she clenched her jaws, she could not help but let out small moans of agony as she squirmed around in her bonds. ..

Kathleen gets some severe SM, including some wax play and hard whipping. Kathleen is a true submissive who afterwards said that she had had a good experience.

Gay bondage

Sexy whipping/whipping action


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2009-Nov-12 - lesbian threesome rape

Gay bondage Bondage and discipline

She blinked, sending tears down her face. She looked truly pitiful. She let him pull them away from her chest, and just closed her eyes as he exposed her big nude tits. His mouth watered as he looked down at her heaving breasts. He stared down at them for a second and summoned all of his self control. He walked back to the camera and looked into the eyepiece. Then he slowly zoomed out to get all of her. ..

Roxie is dominated for the first time ever by Chanta and discovers that S&M is a real turn on. There is great spanking, hair pulling, face slapping, ass licking and strapon sex.

Bondage and discipline

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

100% exclusive content! Sign up and enjoy.

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2009-Nov-12 - lesbian family rape

Torture her tits Belt spanking

Sample of breast bondage story: From now on you will only wear dresses or skirts, pants of any kind are forbidden no skirt or dress will cover your knees. You will wear high heel at all times. That means all times when you go to work, come home from work, on your day off, when you're shopping, all the time. Remember I will have a key to your house and will come in and check you can be sure of that. You will not have any lovers till I tell you that you can. ..

Paige Bree is a little cutie who gets dominated by Alissa Ashley. Featuring bondage, footworship, the sybian, ass licking, dildo gags, and strapon sex.

Belt spanking

Sexy Masochistic women get spanked and fucked

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Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

Forgiveness after violent punishment

amazing rope bondage, steel restraints, hoods, gags, nipple clamps, foot fetish, medical play, enema fetish and much,

Real BDSM powerplay.

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!




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